Kendall Ross Bean Children's Concert Preview

These live Kendall Ross Bean Children's Concerts ran from 1991 to 1997. More than ten thousand children, their parents and teachers attended these concerts during school hours as part of an educational field trip. Two of these shows were broadcast on PBS by KCSM, San Mateo in 1991 and 1993 and broadcast by other PBS stations across the Nation.


Performers in order of appearance in original 1991 TV Production

Kendall Ross Bean, pianist, composer, host

Kyrsten Bean, actor

John Minagro, guest opera singer

Jennifer Thyken, dancer

Julianne Thyken, dancer

Professor Von Beanelheiser

Aneka Bean, actor

Dance Choreographer: Claire Yarrington, California Theatre Arts, Walnut Creek, CA

Producer/Director: Karen E. Lile

Camera Director: Bob Briggs

Assitant Camera Director: Bill Horton

Camera Operators: William R. Kelsey, Dan Schofield, Danny Zemanek

Sound Engineer: Robert Schumaker

Production Services Coordinator for DLRCA: John Haithcock

House Manager: Danny Boyle

Technical Assistants & Stage Crew: Staff of Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts

Engineering & Remote Facilities: Realtime Audio, San Francisco, CA

Post Production Director: Karen E. Lile

Video Tape Editors: Roxanne Bruns, Clyde Rivers

Photography: Jan Brigs

Electronic Graphics: Doug Johnson

Post Production Facilities Provided by: KCSM-TV, San Mateo, CA

Sponsored by: Piano Finders

Special Thanks to: Rick Zanardi, Scott Denison, Lael Allen, Kimberly Dunlap, Karyne Richardson, the children, teachers and parents of the audience

Shot on Location at: Dean Lesher Regional Center for the Arts, Walnut Creek, CA

Copyright 1991 Polara